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Houston's Second Pick in the Draft

By: Yang Kelty

July 29, 2021

  Most mock drafts are picking Jalen Green to go second overall in the draft, and the Houston Rockets (2nd pick) are also saying they are favoring Jalen Green over Evan Mobley. But why?
   Jalen Green does seem like an energetic and extremely talented scorer, but he doesn’t seem like the best fit at the moment for the Houston Rockets. Many analysts are claiming that the Houston Rockets are going to select Green because he is a skilled wing and “those are the players that Houston likes.” But is that the type of player Houston NEEDS?
   Last season, Houston allowed the most opposing team rebounds in the entire league; they were the fourth worst in rebounding; they were fourth in opposing team PPG; and they had the fourth worst defensive rating in the league. Houston is hurting for some rebounding and defense. Furthermore, many analysts think Jalen Green and Kevin Porter Jr. could form a lethal backcourt in Houston, but those two have very similar play styles and neither is a true point guard (both strive at the shooting guard position). Instead of complementing each other, their similarities could actually hinder each other’s growth.
   Evan Mobley would be a much better fit in Houston. Mobley would bring the rebounding and defense the Rockets are in dire need of, and his excellent perimeter play would fit in perfectly in the Rocket playstyle. While Houston usually loves talented wings, Mobley has some wing-like tendencies that are complemented with great rebounding and shot blocking, which is why he is garnering comparisons to Anthony Davis. He would be a great back court addition next to Christian Wood since Mobley can play power forward, and Mobley’s agility could create a great guard-big duo between him and Kevin Porter Jr. (both coming out of USC).